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Korean Booster Class (Advanced level or higher)

2022-08-04 11:26
안녕하세요. 😊
We are very excited to announce that we are opening new ONLINE Korean course!
--KSR Online Language Courses--
Operated by Korean School of Rotterdam
Runs by current professional instructors

**Korean School of Rotterdam is an officially recognized and supported organization by Embassy of the Republic of Korea

Korean Booster Class (Advanced level or higher)

15 Lessons/Term (Total Lessons to complete Korean Booster Class: 30 lessons)
Tuition fees: €270 /Term (Incl. textbooks)
When: every Thursday 19:00 - 21:00
1st Term
Starting Date: Thur. 8 Sep
Ending Date: Thur. 26 Jan
Textbook: The teacher will provide the course materials.

Instructor: Mr. J. Kim
• Soongsil University (BA in Mass-communication, MA in Biblical Theological Study, Seoul in Korea)
• Reporter of Educational Broadcasting System (National Broadcasting System in Korea)
• Korean Language Teacher at Korean School of Rotterdam
• Korean Teacher at current Language Institute in the Netherlands
• Private Korean Language Tutor

About the course:
Korean Booster Class consists of writing and speaking session. You will write an essay a week and the essay will be reviewed by the teacher. Your essay will be discussed in the class, and your classmates will learn important things in grammar, vocabulary, and expression from the discussion. You will exercise speaking as well. You will organize 5~7 minutes of the speech with a topic in the class, and your classmates will give you questions.
The strong point of the class is that you can build your unique style of using the Korean language in real-life. The course is recommended for students who have a good command of grammar and vocabulary. It has been done since last school year, and the students were very satisfied. You can see the writings of the students here. (https://blog.naver.com/ksradvanced)
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