Welcome to the Korean School of Rotterdam!

The Korean School of Rotterdam is established for sharing Korean Language and Culture to the Korean Society and Local society in the Netherlands.

We are committed to ensuring that our service benefits not only the Korean community, including Korean adoptees, in the Netherlands but also neighbouring Dutch local communities. We offer pre-school, primary, and secondary education for Korean children so that the children can keep their mother language and readily (re-)adjust to the regular educational path in Korea once they return home. We also offer Korean and Dutch language courses for children and for adults.

In addition, we are currently in the process of developing a 14-week orientation programme for Koreans who would like to newly settle in the Netherlands. The programme covers life in Dutch society in general, including its economy, business, politics, administration, culture, history, education, housing, health care, taxation, and art.

We commit ourselves to make students, teachers, and parents mutually beneficial through the service of our school.

Staff and the Board of directors of the KSR